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Air Purifier

Air Purifier

Air Purifier using Magnetic energy Vector stratified Advance oxidation Technology Module

This air purification method makes use of hydrogen peroxide ion, hydroxyl ion, superoxide ion and ecological negative oxygen ion under the action of wide-spectrum UV light and various precious metal catalysts.

Core Structure

The MVATM module includes a fan, ballast (electronic ballast), housing, purification agent generator, etc. It is a maintenance-free, energy-saving & environmentally friendly system.

The MVATM module produces air borne cleaning agents to breakdown the harmful pollutants through the ventilation system which purifies the indoor air and sterilize the objects when the agent gets in contact onto the surface.

How WMVATM module operates?

The oxidation factors actively released by WMVATM contains two purification agents, hydrogen peroxide and active oxygen. Releasing the scent of morning dew.

WMVATM module can effectively remove mold on the surface of objects and in the air. It is very suitable for places with strict indoor air quality control, spaces affected by microorganisms or volatile organic compounds, smell, second-hand smoke, and high humidity.)

WMVATM Let you Enjoy the most Pure Breathing

Principle of Sterilization and Detoxification

Principle of Active Settlement

Active decomposition of chemical pollutants

WMVATM Purification process

Step 1

The dual-spectrum ultraviolet lamp emits ultraviolet light of a specific wavelength, which irradiates oxygen molecules in the air to generate a certain concentration of ozone molecules. This kind of reaction can proceed without the assistance of a catalyst.

Step 2

The metal catalyst has hydrophilic properties and will adsorb water molecules on the coating surface

Step 3

Ultraviolet rays of a specific wavelength are irradiated on the titanium dioxide on the metal surface to excite electrons on the metal surface to generate negative and positive charges.

Step 4

Negative charges combine with ozone in the air to form negatively charged ozone molecules; water molecules adsorbed to the metal surface form positively charged water molecules.

Step 5

The positively charged water molecule generate oxygen negative ions and H₂O₂+ or H₂O₂·H₂O₂+ positive ions and H₂O₂ These substances are magnetic energy vectors. To attract various pollutants.


Inches:118150 212303
Area:10~15 ㎡20~40 ㎡60 ㎡120 ㎡
Used in:Car air purifier, small freezerHotel rooms, toilets, classroomsMeeting/conference rooms, hospital wards, central air conditioningHospitals, HVAC, Manufacturing areas

Car environmental purifier

Diameter:75mm Height:210mm
Area:6~8 ㎡

Desktop environmental purifier

Diameter: 150mm  Height:297mm

Area:20~40 ㎡

Wall-mounted environmental purifier



Area:50~120 ㎡