Ace Chain (S)
Mold Design

Mold Making Service

Use Moldflow analysis to predict the problem that will happen during molding, and solve by changing design or mold.

Provide service of trouble shooting to our client to assit in overcoming technical problem.

Engineering optimization suggestions (DFM) to client for stability of production.

Tool and Fixture solution

Provide precision tools and fixture fabrication service

Precision plastic mold for SMD Bracket (Material : C194/C2680, Plastic : PPA / t 0.127mm x 60mm / 864 pockets)
Precision stamping die for IC wire frame (Material : A194, t 0.203mm / 160 pcs)

Machine Screw and Barrel solution

Precision screw rod, nitrogen fluoride screw, ceramic screw, plastic injection molding machine screw, cylinder barrel machining etc. American latest technology and testing instruments. Our products feature with a long service life, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Screw And Barrel